Life is too short

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“Life is Too short” is a five-part series that takes a look at dealing with the sins and obstacles in our lives that rob us of our joy. 

 Part 1: “Life is too short to live with regrets” draws valuable lessons from three characters in the Bible.
 Part 2: “Life is too short to be angry with God” examines Biblical responses to pertinent questions we often ask God when we feel angry with Him.
 Part 3: “Life is too short to be unhappily married” looks at three keys to mending an unhappy marriage.
 Part 4: “Life is too short to live in fear” firstly takes a look at the negative effects of fear and then provides ways of overcoming our fears.
 Part 5: “Life is too short to be unsure of your purpose” provides an in-depth study of what the Bible says is life’s purpose.

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