Bible Talk Series

A 3rd Helping of Ten Bible Talks for Every Occasion


Following on from our best selling series of Bible Discussions Booklets comes the 3rd Helping. Topics such as:

  • Changing your picture of Jesus
  • Keys to being an effective Listener
  • Dysfunction is the gift that keeps on giving in Parenting
  • Soul Food
  • Dealing with Disappointment



BT Series: Overcoming a "Spiritual Midlife Crisis"




Many disciples go through this stage in their spiritual journey. Learn from this four part Bible Talk series to:

1. Survive Your Success

2. Overcome Stress

3. Deal with Disappointment

4. Regain Your Perspective


10 Bible Talks For Every Occasion


Bible discussions with well constructed themes, connecting opening questions and clear challenges for visitors and disciples alike. There is also an appendix highlighting 8 keys to leading effective discussion groups. 


Another 10 Bible Talks for Every Occasion


Following on from the best selling "10 Bible Talks for Every Occasion" is this resource for busy Bible Talk Leaders.

Bible Talks such as:

- Whose Voice do You Listen to?

- Living Without Regrets

- Africans in the Bible

And many more...



Nehemiah is such an amazing man of faith and the book of Nehemiah a rich source of encouragement to those who would dare to do great things for God.

These 5 Bible discussions will strengthen people’s convictions and spark interest to dive in deeper and learn from this very inspiring book in the bible.


Christmas Bible Talk Series




This 3 part Bible Talk series is perfect for Christmas time when so many people are focused on the birth of Christ. In this series we discover the significance of the three gifts brought by the Magi to the baby Jesus and how each should impact our lives right through the year. The gifts of Gold, Incense and Myrrh foreshadow Jesus' destiny:

Part 1 - Born to be King

Part 2 - Born to be Worshipped

Part 3 - Born to be Sacrificed

For both older Christians and people just coming to faith in Christ, this series will generate great discussion.



Living God's Grace


The ‘Living God’s Grace’ Series

In this series of four Bible Discussions, we find out what is truly amazing about God’s Grace. Using selected parables, it shows that Jesus taught what is best for us. However, the series turns our conventional wisdom and understanding of what really works upside down.

The real challenge is to live our lives:
• Accepting Injustice
• Giving to the Undeserving
• Forgiving the Unchanging and
• Living with the Enemy.

An easily customised (MS Publisher) Invitation to the ‘Living God’s Grace’ Series is provided.

This series is specially appreciated by those who have been disciples for some time. It could be daunting for those who are struggling to accept that Jesus expects us to put all of his teachings into practice.


Following your hero


Almost everyone grows up admiring superhero's. Only Jesus is someone we can truly immitate. This is a six part bible discussion series focused on "walking as Jesus did":

  • Part 1 - His Trust
  • Part 2 - His Sharing
  • Part 3 - His Conviction
  • Part 4 - His Courage
  • Part 5 - His Humility
  • Part 6 - His Prayer

 Let Jesus continue to transform your small group.