Where in the Bible Does it Say...?

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Have you ever been challenged on your belief in the value of the Bible in these difficult times ?

How well are you able to answer the skeptic who laughs at our reliance on the wisdom of the Bible ?

This easy-to-read, 12 page booklet provides convincing answers to many challenging questions you are likely to face….questions about the Reliability, Wisdom and Value of the Bible Today.

The questions answered in this booklet are "Where in the Bible Does it say..." 

  1. That it is the inspired Word of God ?
  2. That it is God’s complete Word (nothing must be omitted, changed or added) ?
  3. That it is all true (there are no mistakes and there are no contradictions) ?
  4. That its message is eternal (it applies as much today as ever) ?
  5. Why God’s message is sometimes difficult to understand ?
  6. That Christians today also need to study the Old Testament ?
  7. What you should do if don’t fully believe ? 
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